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The Best SAFEST Tinted Sunscreens

Love the sun, but want glowy protection against too much? I’ve put together The Best SAFEST Tinted Sunscreens so you can get your glow on safely!

The Best SAFEST Tinted Sunscreens

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When the warmer months roll around (ok I’m in Florida, who am I kidding)… When the months roll around when we are spending the most time at the beach and outside, I tend to reach for tinted sunscreen over sheer sunscreen + concealer. I love the golden glow and the added protection against UV rays of course. Over the years I’ve tried a ton, wasted a bunch of money, and finally realized that you may be in the same (Banana) boat too. So I’ve tried out a hefty sample of some popular and easily to shop brands for you! Let me know your favorites too!

First up, I tried out Eucerin’s Sensitive Mineral Face. It is touted as being blendable for all skin tones and is developed with dermatologists for sensitive skin. I thought the consistency was nice and thick without being heavy or greasy. Great value, easily accessible at drug stores, and ranks a 2 on EWG. It’s also got a nice hue on the color without being too orangey, dark, or washed out. This definitely ranks in the upper end of those I tried out and I’ll definitely be using it again.

The Best SAFEST Tinted Sunscreens

Next, I tried Stream 2 Sea. I really wanted to love this one as it checks all the boxes – broad spectrum, non-nano, reef safe, biodegradable, fragrance free, budget-friendly. Unfortunately, the tint did fare well for me. It was a combination of a little too orange yet the mineral sunscreen white came through, leaving an odd shade. It could definitely work for some skin tones, but unfortunately the consistency was off-putting for me.

The Best SAFEST Tinted Sunscreens

Next up we have E.L.F. Suntouchable Whoa Glow. I am so happy to see another budget-priced product, easily found in drugstores, that ranks a 2 on EWG. One drawback with this one is it uses avobenzone which is a synthetic sunscreen and therefore not considered to be reef-safe. There are 3 tints, the lighter two providing more of a shimmer than a “tint,” and the darkest one, Sunburst, having more bronzing shimmer effect. If you just want tint, this is not the one since it does have shimmer in all 3 shades, but it is a nice option for those who want to use it more as a highlighter or bronzer with sun protection. These are designed for the possibility to mix with foundation as well.

The Best SAFEST Tinted Sunscreens

I ordered this Tarte BB tinted primer with SPF over a year ago and tried it for at least a week. And since then? It’s been sitting in my makeup drawer unused. That said I wanted to include it because hey, a review is a review. I’ll say that in general I love Tarte products. Sure they aren’t ALL high performing or ALL perfectly “clean,” but balance is key and I think as a whole they’ve done a good job with providing variety. This product though, is a meh. It’s not oily, which is my complaint for some products, but the matteness, the consistency were not for me. Like other Tarte products, it’s moderately priced, meaning it’s not a bargain nor a luxury brand. But at $42 for one ounce, this was not a good deal, especially for an underperforming product. Pros are it comes in a range of colors, but even matched I felt a little orangey in my closest tone. The coverage for a primer is also pretty opaque and for mature skin it seems to settle in all the wrong places.

The Best SAFEST Tinted Sunscreens

Alastin is currently having a moment in the skincare industry. Walk into any variety of med spas and you’ll notice how popular this brand is. And without a doubt there are many who will tout the performance and efficacy of this brand. So I decided to give their tinted sunscreen a go and see if the hype was there for me. Spoiler alert, it wasn’t. The color was nice and neutral, the coverage was not quite there, it’s costly and didn’t blow me away. If it’s not a wow, then I’d prefer some of my budget-friendly options in this post. I also want to note that the EWG ranking is inaccurate for this product or based on a prior, outdated version. There is no fragrance in Alastin’s Hydratint, nor is there decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, I cross checked the ingredients. So I marked this one as clean since the remaining ingredients seem to have a good track record from what I could tell.

The Best SAFEST Tinted Sunscreens

The next product is Beautycounter’s Dew Skin. I’ll start by saying I LOVE a vast majority of their products and have been a consultant for 8 years this May. And I’ll add that Dew Skin is a top pick for so many Beautycounter clients. It ranks well on EWG, has a range of colors which is great for matching skin tone, and is reef friendly. However, after trying it on more than one occasion, hoping it would be for me, it’s not. While the consistency is nice, it just stays too “glowy” on my skin, which sometimes feels oily and shiny. I know this is one of the selling points and reasons so many love it; it’s just not my winner.

The Best SAFEST Tinted Sunscreens

I came across Australian Gold Botanical and was very excited for a few reasons. It’s the most budget friendly option of the bunch, it comes in 3 shades, fragrance free, reef safe, and has an SPF of 50. Some of the products from Australian Gold rank higher on EWG, however, as I discovered with this one, it was falsely elevated despite none of the ingredients being deemed as higher risk. I got the medium to tan shade and it’s slightly dark for my face coming out of winter, but I think over the Summer it will work really well. It’s definitely a great option in my book.

The Best SAFEST Tinted Sunscreens

Elta MD is another dermatologist-promoted product that seems to have a lot of enthusiasts and good reviews. So I tried it! It’s got sheer coverage, which makes sense for being a sunscreen, not a concealer, but if you have uneven skin tone or hyperpigmentation, you may need to layer it with another product. It’s one of the more expensive products I tested, per ounce. I like the neutrality of the tint as it’s not too orange, and I like how it goes on. But again, for the cost, it wouldn’t be my #1.

The Best SAFEST Tinted Sunscreens

The last product I saved because I have been using it and sharing about it the longest. I first had it applied after a laser treatment was performed and when I got in the car, I LOVED how my skin looked, despite the fact that it had just undergone “intentional injury” via laser. I asked what my aesthetician used the next time I went and she showed me the ISDIN bottle. Interestingly, this product has a very thin consistency, unlike most of the ones I reviewed. But it soaks right into my skin giving it the most natural glow and is formulated in Spain, where the safety standards are already higher. I looked up every ingredient, which was 3 or less on EWG and since phlalates are banned in the EU, I feel comfortable with the listed “fragrance” on the bottle.

The Best SAFEST Tinted Sunscreens

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Frequently Asked Questions

Paleo does Paleo allow cheese?

Cheese temptations can sometimes be too tempting to resist if you aren't paying attention. But is it allowed on Paleo? This is what you need to know: While there's no set rule, it was a tradition that cheese was not allowed in Paleolithic diets due to its dairy content.

You can still eat moderate amounts of good-quality cheese if you don't want to avoid dairy. It all depends on what your dietary goals are and how you react with certain foods.

Some individuals are lactose-intolerant and should avoid dairy products, or only eat small quantities of them. Alternatively, moderate amounts of goat or sheep's milk byproducts can usually be tolerated by those who aren't affected by lactose intolerance but still want to stay relatively true to their paleolithic roots.

There are many vegan options available for those who want to enjoy cheese in a more paleo-friendly manner without the use of cow's milk. People who are vegan can still enjoy the cheesy goodness of cheese, but without having to compromise their values.

Can you eat a banana on the paleo Diet?

The task of planning your nutrition can seem overwhelming. Should you hop on the latest trend or stick with what works for you? When it comes to eating healthy and making better choices, it always pays off to do some research.

Paleo is a popular way to eat. The paleo diet is a way to eat foods that are less processed and packaged than what we ate thousands of year ago. While carbs like bread, pasta and other grains are out, fruits and vegetables are still in. But what about bananas?

The short answer: yes, you can eat bananas on a paleo diet. Bananas are one of the oldest snacks in nature and have been a staple of many diets since ancient times. They provide an incredible energy boost, whether you are working out or not, and they are rich in nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C, B6, manganese and magnesium.

Bananas provide a sweet, low-calorie option to sugary snacks. This provides satiating cravings with added nutrition and compliance with paleo guidelines. Of course, moderation should always be taken into account when deciding how much or how often to indulge in this naturally delicious fruit so as not to go overboard with the sugars count intake.

Feel free to enjoy some delicious sliced bananas topped with Greek yogurt or shredded coconut for breakfast.

What snacks can you eat while following a Paleo diet

It is important to fuel your body with healthy foods. While there are many diets available, the Paleo is the most well-known. It's easy to eat like a Caveman. But if you do it right, you will be rewarded with a lot of health benefits.

What snacks can you eat that follow the Paleo diet? For energy to be extended between meals, snacks must be light and filling. If you're looking for something in particular, here are some great ideas: fresh fruit slices or frozen blueberries; hard-boiled eggs; beef jerky; roasted almonds; dark chocolate (cocoa powder can also make for a great snack when mixed with coconut oil); pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds; avocado smoothie or guacamole; apple and almond butter; coconut chips or flax crackers.

There are so many options! You have a variety of options for snacks. The best thing? The best part? Grab your favorite snacks and get ready to live the good life.

How to make the Paleo Diet Work for You?

Paleo is more than a diet. This lifestyle is about changing your whole life. It covers everything, from nutrition to fitness, relationships, career, mental health, and more. It takes effort and dedication to ensure that it fits in your schedule.

Understanding what foods are included in the paleo diet and which alternatives can be substituted is key when making this transition. People find that grocery shopping, meal prep, and recipe research become an integral part of their daily routine. People following strict paleo diets need to pay attention to all details. You'll need to carefully inspect each item before you put it in your grocery cart.

For busy individuals, it is important to find easy ways to eat healthy. You can also supplement your meals with prepared snacks. While takeout may not be an option for those who want to maximize their nutrition intake, there are plenty of restaurants that offer low carb or gluten-free options. Creativity and premeditation allow you to have a night out without compromising your goals!

This shouldn't be overwhelming. However, planning can help you to stay on track with paleo while allowing you to add delicious gourmet dishes into your everyday life. Focus on nutrient-dense foods over processed products - this will allow you to eat Paleo-approved treats from time-to-time, and keep you energized all day.

Who Shouldn't Try the Paleo Diet?

Anyone looking for a quick fix should steer clear of the Paleo Diet. This diet is not designed to make drastic lifestyle changes quickly. It's about long-term lifestyle changes. For those who are focused on weight loss, it may take several months before they see the results they desire.

The Paleo Diet also isn't ideal for anyone with any kind of dietary restrictions or food allergies--particularly gluten avoidance, as some grains aren't appropriate choices. Paleolithic recipes can cause people with high protein needs to feel overwhelmed.

People who bounce between fad diets will not benefit. It is better to stick with the same routine, even though it may mean changing ingredients slightly. A commitment level is vital when you commit to the Paleo Diet. So, those who frequently jump between diets should look elsewhere.

People who are unable to cook or have the time to prepare their meals every day may not be able to reap the benefits of this lifestyle.

What is the 85/15 rule?

Do you feel like your paleo diet isn't quite cutting it? You aren't alone. This is why so many people have adopted 85/15, the rule of paleo--the idea that you should aim for 85 percent clean eating unless your fitness level or your competitions are high.

This means that if you indulge in foods that don't fall strictly into the paleo diet guideline now and again, that doesn't mean all your progress up until now has been wasted. The 15 percent accounted for unhealthy indulgence keeps it balanced and satisfying enough that you won't easily fall off track with your healthy lifestyle.

It's easy to get sidetracked by a diet. This rule helps to ensure that slips don't derail your fitness journey. It caters to everyone, whether they've just started their wellness journey or are at their peak in physical conditioning.

While the 85/15 rule might not be part the traditional paleo guidelines however, as long you remain committed to the weekly plan and eat mostly whole foods, it can be beneficial over time.


  • It's up to you to decide to what extent you want to follow those guidelines, but if you follow them 100%, you can be assured that you are eating the best food for your body and greatly investing in your long-term health and well-being. (
  • (9) These are just some reasons they're nixed from a paleo diet plan, according to a popular paleo diet website. (
  • Carbon Footprints and Diet Quality of 5 Popular Eating Patterns as Reported by US Consumers". (
  • Plus, some of these foods — particularly beans — offer many compounds and are linked to positive health outcomes, such as a lower risk for metabolic disease, heart disease, and diabetes, according to a 2014 study. (
  • (3) The paleo diet eliminates dairy because its advocates say many people are lactose intolerant and because eating dairy has been associated with Crohn's disease, among other claims, according to a popular paleo diet website. (

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How To

What are some common problems to avoid with a paleo diet

Muscling in on your healthier lifestyle can be complex, and the paleo diet can seem intimidating. You will soon know what to eat and how you can stay on track with these helpful tips.

For a successful diet, it is important to avoid common mistakes such as skipping meals, eating too much, and eating out of boredom. When embarking on the paleo diet, it's important to remember that your body needs nourishment from natural sources, not from processed foods. The paleo lifestyle will not be supported by packaged snacks or premade meals.

When following a paleo diet, it is important to avoid eating too many sugary or simple carbs. Eating white bread, sugary cereal, or desserts high in sugar can prevent weight loss and may even lead to gaining weight instead of losing it. It is also important to avoid consuming too much fatty meats, especially if you want to make healthy dietary choices and still live a paleo-style lifestyle.

The paleo lifestyle does not require you to eat a lot of fruits and veggies. You can't go wrong with fruits and vegetables. They are rich in vitamins and minerals that will provide you with the nutrients your body needs to achieve optimal health. Adding steamed veggies like broccoli or asparagus will help support paler diets by providing essential microorganisms for gut bacteria, which are necessary for proper digestive function.

If you are following paleo instructions, it is important to avoid listening to your cravings. Paleo requires internal discipline and willpower. It is not about depriving oneself, but remembering the reasons you do this will help anyone to adjust back into healthy eating after years of living unhealthy lifestyles.


The Best SAFEST Tinted Sunscreens


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Dr. Terry Wahls is an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner and conducts clinical research using functional medicine principles in the