Paleo vs Keto

Friday, May 24, 2024

vegan recipes

Vegan Pain Au Chocolat Recipe

Best vegan pain au chocolat recipe you’ll ever make! With 3 simple ingredients, you can make the tastiest vegan chocolate croissants, aka vegan pain..

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Ube Biko

This Ube Biko recipe combines cooked glutinous rice creamy coconut milk, sugar, and purple ube to make a sweet and chewy dessert the whole family..

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Shallots Confit Recipe

Best shallots confit recipe you’ll ever try! Confit shallots are a rich and flavorful condiment made by slowly cooking peeled shallots in oil until..

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Easy Vegan Chili

Today we’re excited to share an easy vegan chili recipe! This chili requires just 15 minutes of active prep time and then you can sit back, relax,..

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